Styrene Monomer

Article no.: HDB Styrene Monomer

The Styrene Monomer is a high-purity chemical product, suitable for use in chemical synthesis and mixing processes in various products.

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Styrene monomer is a clear, oily, colorless or yellowish liquid, with a pungent and sweet odor, very volatile and flammable. It has the minimum formula C8H8 and is usually supplied with a small amount of inhibitor (for example, t-Bu Catecol), as it undergoes self-curing with ease.

Examples of applications

Styrene is used in putties, sealants, modeling pastes and coatings, in the manufacture of thermoplastics, chemicals, automotive care products, paints, adhesives, fragrances and air purifiers. It is a reagent in industrial formulations, intermediate in organic synthesis, thinner in resins and in the synthesis of chemicals and polymers, and can be used as a component in the production of numerous plastic products, such as artificial rubber, fiberglass, tubes, food packaging , components for automobiles and boats, production of acoustic, thermal and electrical insulation in homes and a multitude of other uses.

Product characteristics

  • Liquid
  • Colorless
  • Oily
  • Pungent and sweetish odor

Product benefits

  • High Purity (> 99.8%)
  • High clarity


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