Article no.: HDB Labrador

LABRADOR (2,4-D + Picloram) is a selective, systemic, post-emergence herbicide recommended to control dicotyledonous and grass weeds.

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LABRADOR (2,4-D + Picloram) is a selective, systemic and post-emergence herbicide. It is recommended to control dicotyledonous and gramineous weed plants. The product is absorbed and translocated to all parts of plants including the root system, reducing sprouting action. The active ingredients 2,4-D and Picloram have HRAC: O code and WSSA classification: 4. Factors that guarantee success in weed management: identification of the predominant weeds, as well as evaluation of the stage of development, observation of the application season and the type of application equipment.

This product is intended for farmers, agronomists and other professionals in the agricultural sector.

Product benefits

  • Avoid contact with sensitive plant species that you do not want to control.
  • Do not use the same equipment for the application of other products in susceptible species.
  • In treated pastures in total area, the planting of susceptible species should only be done 2 to 3 years after application of the product.
  • There is no need to maintain a gap between the Labrador application and grazing.


  • Box 4 x 5 Liters
  • Box 1 x 20 Liters

Special services associated with the product

  • Toxicological Assistance 24 hours - 0800-722-6001
  • Collection of empty containers – INPEV

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Active ingredient
2,4-D + Picloram
Forage grasses
Product group
Target / Pest
Acacia plumosa
Target / Pest
Peschiera fuchsiaefolia
Target / Pest
Senecio brasiliensis
Target / Pest
Sida rhombifolia
Target / Pest
Solanum lycocarpum
Target / Pest
Vernonia polyanthes