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Personal development

Lene Gustavsen is working with our quality and environment as well as sale of our pharmaceutical products. “At HELM Skandinavien I have the opportunity to continuously engage in new tasks and challenges”, Lene explaines. “I was hired as an assistant within pharmaceutical products and ingredients for food and feed. Shortly after I was made responsible for feed ingredients and shortly after also for food ingredients. Since 2006 I have been responsible for our pharmaceutical sale, which mainly consists of generics. Getting new responsibilities over the years meant I had to constantly obtain new knowledge, build up experience and make more decisions. In 2012 I got the opportunity to work with our quality and environment system as well as feed safety, which means I have further extended my set of skills through courses. Furthermore I have gained a wider interface with my colleagues, since process maintenance, audits and training concerning the quality and environment topics are involving all colleagues. It is very interesting to influence our processes and our environmental investments.”

Lene Gustavsen has been working with HELM Skandinavien since 2002. “I have been with HELM Skandinavien for many years, but due to the different tasks, the working days continues to be versatile, challenging and often unpredictable. Balance is obtained by being anchored in a healthy family owned concern, which provides a major job security and the chance to work with long-term projects, which is of great importance when it comes to both quality and generics.”